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작성일 : 18-09-12 17:42
FIBC Selling/ 컨테이너 백 판매
 글쓴이 : Kim Ngan
조회 : 988  
 이메일 : ngantk@fibcvn.com
 연락처 : 093-278-0459
Dear Valued Customer!
(If you are not responsible for this job, please kindly forward this email to related person may be interested in, Thank you!)
First of all, I’d like to send greetings and give the respects to your company.
I’m Kim Ngan from FIBC Vietnam. Our website: http://fibcvn.com
1.FIBC Vietnam?
    - FIBC Vietnam is one of the leading manufacturers  in providing  FIBCs with  many years experience.
    - We have been exporting to many markets worldwide such as America, Japan, Canada, …
    - Our factory has installed modern facilities with design capacity 500,000 pieces a month.
2. FIBC Vietnam can provide?
    - We provide FIBCs (Jumbo bags, Bulk bags, Big bags, Container bags, …) – which can  contain:  Salt, Sugar, Rice, Fertilizers, Grains, Construction materials, Plastics, Seeds, Peanuts, …  with high volume up to 2 tons.
    - We also provide semi-finished products such as fabric, yarn, ...
    - We can supply the designed bags based on customer’s demand with a  very competitive price.
    - All products are manufactured and monitored by our experts for specific phases according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO FSSC 22000 - 2011-SGS, ISO HACCP – SGS.
If you have any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me or you can visit our website at http://fibcvn.com.
I look forward to the possibility of working together.
Yours sincerely,

Kim Ngan


Total 17
번호 제   목 글쓴이 날짜 조회
17 J1타입 톤백 정호윤 03-22 116
16 견적의뢰 주식회사 산 10-11 153
15 FIBC, PP Bags from Vietnam Max Ngo 09-01 150
14 톤백 견적 문의 방경호 02-15 0
13 500kg 톤백 김동형 11-16 0
12 견적 문의 김용진 01-20 469
11 견적의뢰 박성묵 11-20 530
10 가격 문의 김진희 06-22 1
9 1톤 톤백 구매 문의 강민태 01-07 2
8 수입톤백구매문의 변명준 10-16 0
7 견적문의드립니다. 김두현 08-02 0
6 600kg,700kg 마대 견적문의 장서진 11-26 1
5 건축자재 필요신가요? 가문설 11-13 914
4 FIBC Selling/ 컨테이너 백 판매 Kim Ngan 09-12 989
3 우물정자 벨트형 톤백 유재진 08-24 0
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